Hourly Commercial Kitchens Rentals and Commissary. Sign up for our e-mail list. Location: 8525 Madison Ave Suite 127 Fair Oaks, CA 95628

What we do...


8525 Madison Ave #127

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Welcome to 24 Hour Kitchens!  We are creating shared kitchen rental spaces in the Sacramento area. Are you looking for a clean, highly secure commercial commissary kitchen for rent?  Are you a great chef and need a commercially permitted facility? We will specialize in renting out kitchen and prep stations to chefs, caterers, entrepreneurs, cooking classes, meal prep chefs, food trucks and bakers and more.  The kitchens can also be available for food photoshoots, meal prep, canning/bottling and specialty food producers. All kitchen spaces will be available to rent on an hourly basis with discounts for steady users. The more time you book, the less cost per hour.  We have one ghost kitchen space for the right client at monthly rates at each location.

 If you have an interest, please fill out the info below or send us an email at manager@24hourkitchens.com.
Tours are available by appointment. Call us at 279-789-0945

Rentals Amenities Included

  • Access 24/7/365 Via electronic locks
  • Highly secure location with cameras and entry logging
  • Digital booking of your time after sign up
  • All Utilities, gas and electric
  • All Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals
  • Towels
  • Maintenance
  • Free WiFi
  • Ice Machine
  • Small Wares
  • Marketing Opportunities on our website
  • Restrooms on site
  • Walk in Space rental cages available for additional fee
  • All Trash service
  • Lockers
  • Use of Address for business deliveries, client must be present.
  • Dry storage cages for additional fee
  • Water and grease disposal
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • And...an absolutely clean working environment!

A Little About Us And Our Concept...

My name is Jeff Back. I am a chef, sommelier and entrepreneur. I've been in the restaurant industry for 30 years.

My wife Gail and I, own Back Bistro in the Palladio and have opened several restaurants in the past. We know how hard and how expensive it is to open a restaurant. 24 Hour Kitchens is a place that will grow the entrepreneurial spirit. There are so many perils and obstacles to opening a food business, the biggest one being capital. With costs skyrocketing the cost to open your own brick and mortar business is near impossible for most people. Signing a lease, permitting, construction costs, insurance, maintenance and utilities add up incredibly quick. Seems like unless you are already established and have a home to draw a second mortgage from, you are out of luck. Of course you can take on an investor but most of the time that partnership breaks up and you ultimately end up going out of business. On top of that, marketing and ongoing business expenses are unsustainable for most startups. Margins are super thin in the food industry but it’s the passion that drives us and the fact that we are creating something delicious to make others happy is a feeling that stays with you.

Our new business idea 24 Hour Kitchens has come about through a lot of research and through our own trials and tribulations of owning a restaurant for almost 16 years.

Our concept is hourly commercial kitchen rentals, where clients can book their time online whenever they want and up to 3 months in advance. We differ from a few other concepts out there because we are not leasing space monthly or yearly nor are we acting like a ghost kitchen with food drivers coming in and out. All though, we do dedicate 1 station to a ghost kitchen. There are no monthly commitments, rent, utilities, cleaning supplies or extra charges. The more time you book in advance, the less it comes out to per hour. We do require a deposit to cover any damages, or time outside of the clients scheduled time. We have 15, 30, 45 and 60 hour pre paid discounted plans for chefs and entrepreneurs that want to use the stations more than a few times. We have the kitchens cleaned once a week and relay on our clients to clean up after themselves contributing to a cohesive team environment.

The location at Fair Oaks Pointe is our first location.  This location has  a 30ft hot cooking line and offers 4 cooking stations for hourly rentals. In addition, there is a baking space with another hood and a cold prep space. This location has lots of oven space, lots of burners, a tilt skillet, grill and flat top. We will be able to accommodate a couple food trucks for their commissary needs but overnight parking is limited and is first come.

We will take pride in offering very clean spaces and a hospitality focused approach to our clients. Our goal is to facilitate the food and entrepreneurial spirit and to enhance the Sacramento food scene by providing startups with a place to grow their brand. Ultimately, we would love to see our clients open their own restaurants or bakeries.

How can I help you succeed?  I look forward to connecting with you. Follow us on instagram and facebook for progress updates or send me an e-mail at jeff@24hourkitchens.com  Cheers!