Basic Requirements to Rent Our Kitchens...

Application Fee
$50 Waived until July 2023.

Security deposit
You must place a security deposit fee of $250 before starting any work in our kitchens.

Liability Insurance

Provide proof and copy of liability insurance ($1M, naming 24 Hour Kitchens LLC as additional insured).

FLIP Enrollment Link:

FLIP Policies start at $299.  

Free and unlimited additional insureds.

Coupon Code: 24hourkitchens  

Food Handling

Provide a copy of a valid food managers certificate or Serv safe card. Each employee needs to have a serve safe card. Here is a link to one Food Managers Certification that may be required by the health department.

You must have a walk through orientation with our manager before operating in our kitchen.

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Other Links...
How to obtain a Mobile Food Facility health Permit
Commissary Verification Form if required by health department

Caterer's Permit-not required by us but may be required by Health Department Sacramento County Catering Permit. Found Here.


Can I have a tour of the kitchens?

Absolutely! Please keep in mind that we cannot show the kitchen if it is currently occupied due to health department regulations. Our Stations are located next to one another. Specialty equipment is available, including 20 Qt Mixers, Robot Coupe and large gallon size blender, 12" Slicer, etc. Daily Reach in cooler space is also provided with rental. If needed, locked cold storage is available for an additional fee.

Once you have decided to move forward we will send you a link to sign up for our kitchens.  We will contact you right away so our Kitchen Manager can set up a private meeting with you to tour the kitchens, discuss your needs and scheduling.  

Can I rent a kitchen Full Time or do you have minimums?

Yes. Full time status consists of 120 hours per month and includes all amenities and discounted rates are available. Contact us for availability. Also, as a full time member you are entitled to 1 locked Dry storage cage and 1 locked cold storage cage. If you would like a monthly rate, please contact us. If you would like to use our kitchen as a ghost kitchen, please contact us. 
There are no monthly minimums for one time use clients. However, if 24 Hour Kitchens needs to sign off on a commissary health permit, $250 per month is the minimum. There is a 2 hour minimum for booking of any kitchen space.

Do I need a heath permit?

Depends. We are a fully licensed, health department approved facility. If you are a caterer, you will need a catering permit.  If you are a Mobile Food Facility you will need that permit.  If you only sell at farmers markets, you will most likely need a commissary verification form signed by us from the health department. You will need a valid food managers certification and you staff will need valid food handlers cards. Here is where we reccommend getting your certification...Premier Food Safety

When can I start?

If space permits, you may start right away. Application, payment and scheduling will be available online and our kitchen manager will be in touch.

Do I need a Manager Food Handler’s Permit and how do I get one?

The Sacramento County Health Department requires one for each individual business. Getting a Food Handler’s Permit is not difficult. Here is a link. You will need to either study the information on your own, or take a short half-day class (this is what most people do) and then take the required exam to receive your certification. We keep our kitchens extremely clean and sanitary and expect you to leave our kitchen like you found it.

Do I bring my own equipment?

We do provide most equipment, but you will need to bring any specialized equipment and smallwares that you might need specifically for your business. Once you have toured our kitchens you will have a clearer idea of what equipment you should bring. 

Will I have any Storage/Refrigeration space?

Yes, although storage is limited, all “full time” (120+ hours per month) members will receive a locked metro rack in our walkin and a locked dry storage rack. For an additional fee,  refrigeration and dry storage cages can be rented by the month or night and come with a lock. Here are our Rates. Overnight rates are $6/night for cold storage and $6/night for dry storage.

Can I used the kitchen’s address as my actual business address?

We can accept deliveries on occasion for full time members, but we are not responsible for handling your mail or any loss of product.

Can I get deliveries?

Yes. You should try to schedule your food or packaging deliveries during your scheduled time in the kitchen. We will try to accommodate you in accepting your deliveries for you in your absence but this is not guaranteed.

How many other chefs will be using the same kitchen when I am in it?

Each station is designated and when it is your scheduled time, your station is exclusively yours. Each Station can accommodate up to 3 people. You can bring your own staff to help you, but remember, each staff member needs to have a valid food handlers permit. There are 4 stations on the line and you will have company in other stations.

How does cleanup work?

Each member is required to leave the kitchen (including floors, sinks, work tables, stoves, etc.) spotless after they finish their allocated time. We expect each member to leave the kitchen and equipment as you would want to find it. We take care of the deep cleaning, but please be respectful and leave it clean. We are closed between 2-5am for deep cleaning of the floors on Tuesdays. If you wish to rent a kitchen during this time slot, arrangements can be made in advance. We have a common mop sink for each member to use during their allotted time slot. We provide all cleaning supplies and chemicals. We also allocate towels, stainless steel scrubbers and scrubbing pads for cleanup. Sanitizers and degreasers are provided with the rental.

What if something breaks?

Repairs and maintenance of equipment should be expected. While we do our very best to maintain our equipment, breakdowns are inevitable. Communication is important and we encourage you to let us know right away if something is not working properly. We have contracted with a restaurant maintenance company to service our equipment regularly. We are not responsible for any equipment malfunctions. We will however do our best to accommodate you with other equipment.

How long can I rent the kitchen for?

As long as you want. You must schedule your time and pick your station at least 24 hours in advance.

What about Food Trucks?
You may rent kitchen space for your prepping needs. If we need to sign off on a commissary form, a minimum of $250 per month is required. You may also schedule time to come clean your truck and use our dish area. We allow food truck parking for up to 2 nights. We charge $25 per night to park your truck in our 3 designated parking spots. The parking spots have a 30amp RV outlet and a regualr 110v outlet.