My name is Jeff Back. I am a chef, sommelier and entrepreneur. I've been in the restaurant industry for 28 years and currently own a restaurant in Folsom with my wife called Back Bistro. I am starting a new business called 24 Hour Kitchens. We are currently sourcing a location.  I am creating hourly commercial kitchen spaces for bakers, chefs and caterers in the greater Sacramento area. I've had a successful career and want to help others in this industry get started and thrive. Being in the industry for so long, I know costs are prohibitive for startups especially in California.  We are here to help you get started or keep you going without a lot of the risks of opening your own location.
How can I help you succeed? What would you like to see in an hourly kitchen rental?  I look forward to connecting with you. Follow us on instagram and facebook for progress updates or send me an e-mail at jeff@24hourkitchens.com  Cheers!