Prices are subject to change.

We only require $160 Minimum per month

$50 Application Fee is due at sign up.

$250 security deposit may be required.


Station 1: All inclusive Ghost Kitchen $3500/month

Station  2 starts at  $35/hr

Station 3  starts at $35/hr

Station 4 starts at $35/hr

Prep Kitchen starts at $20/hr

Baking Kitchen start at $35/hr

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR  for 15+hrs/month See below...


We offer Monthly Storage only to clients on at least a 15 hour plan.

Dry Storage Locked Metro Cages starting  at $50/month or nightly at $5/night
Cold Storage Locked Metro Cages starting at $150/month or nightly at $6/night
Freezer Storage Locked Metro Cages starting at $150/month or nightly at $6/night

Volume Discounts
For members renting any of our kitchens 90+ hours per month, 1 entire rack dry storage is included and 1 entire rack of cold storage is included. A value of $300


Food Trucks

We currently have overnight Food Truck Parking(up to 18ft) up to 2 nights at $25 per night. We have facilities for your prepping, dishwashing and storage.

Plans available for commissary operators.  A booking minimum of $160 per month is required for licensing and health permit sign off.